Inspection services

IQS’s diverse range of inspection services can provide trusted support for your products, projects and processes. Independent third-party inspections help clients around the world protect their financial, branding and legal interests throughout the entire supply chain - from raw materials and finished goods to plant facilities and assets. We offer inspection services to manufacturers, retailers, traders, plant operators, governments and other buyers and sellers of materials and products in the world’s markets.

We operate in ports, refineries, terminals as well as outlying locations supporting our Clients diverse needs year round, around the clock. Our independent inspection surveyors adhere to API, ASTM, TIC / IFIA standards as well as other International guidelines in order to protect your business, minimize your risk in product quantity and quality, and to ensure conformity to customer specifications as required on each assignment. To ensure field excellence over 85% of our qualified inspectors are IFIA/TIC accredited.

Inspections help minimise the risk of defective products by ensuring they meet both customer standards and industry and government regulations. This serves to protect your business interests, help manage your risk and ensure quality products are manufactured and delivered to their final destination at the specifications of the customer.

Services include but not limited to; shoreside or offshore, bunker surveys, vessel tank inspections, STS transfers/lightering’s, ROB surveys, vessel performance, custody transfers, wall washings, & reconciliation of cargo discrepancies. We also support the life management of plant facilities such as power plants and oil refineries with inspection and testing, ensuring that your assets are operating safely and reliably.

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